07. September 2005 · Comments Off on Just Where Is The Center Of Automotive Design? · Categories: Technology

Somewhere back there, I believe in a post centering on uber-stylist Chip Foose (I’ll get links later), I proclaimed Southern California “the new epicenter of automotive style”).

And one of our dear readers brought up the English midlands, citing the Morgan Aero 8.

And I countered appropriately, asking our readers: What would you rather have, a Morgan Aero 8, or a Saleen S7?

Of course, this is a pat question – anyone that would first choose the Aero 8 over the S7, without being able to pay for either out of pocket change, would have to be daft.

But all that is beyond the point. What I was trying to express was SoCal style vs. English Midlands style. And it turns out that the chassis of the Saleen S7, like the Ford GT40 before it, was largely engineered in England, by RML.

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