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The potential slate of Democrat Party nominees for next years’ presidential election is down by one, as of last week with Kamala Harris withdrawing from consideration. I thought she would hold out a bit longer, appearing to be electorally ballot-proof, as a woman of (at a long squint) color, privileged (not to say exotic) upbringing, and reliably progressive inclinations, plus the establishment national media were already giving her the ‘buffed lightly with a flannel cloth as she is a luminous pearl’ treatment that had been previously administered to Barak Obama.

Alas; it soon became flamingly obvious that she could not think on her feet or come out with anything other than pre-programmed utterances or staged mini-dramas like the ‘I was that little girl!’ made-for-political commercial schtick. Kamala was and is a kind of political Chatty Cathy doll, come to think of it. Pull the string, get the pre-programmed response; which apparently did very well in the hermetically sealed political environment of a one-party progressive state like California, but not where she would be asked to respond to questions that had not been pre-screened, pre-focus-grouped or pre-planted like so many rows of garden beans. And the fact that she started her career in politics by being Willie Brown’s girlfriend for a time; he a married man and twice her age, and a kingmaker in state politics. Oh, yeah – it’s bad enough to be told you, as a woman, ought in the name of sisterhood, to vote for another woman because she was married to a prominent politico; it’s really insulting to be told to do so because she only serviced him sexually. So, I thought we might actually be stuck with her for a bit longer; but I guess the private focus groups and polls to which her campaign had access were really disastrous for her national ambitions. Too bad, too sad, Kamala. Buh-bye.

There does seem to be a rear-guard to her abortive campaign, insisting with a lot of posing and flexing, that America is as a whole just to raaaaacist and sexist to vote for a strong black woman, to which I extend a large Bronx cheer. Yeah, sure – and where did we see a variant of that line? When any criticism of Barack the Anointed and his policies was painted as being motivated solely and maliciously by virulent racism on the part of those making the criticisms. And of course, the reason that the Dowager Empress of Chappaqua did not ascend to the White House throne of tin was that an overwhelming number of voters just can’t handle the thought of a “strong, independent womyn” as President. Seriously, I’m beginning to believe the best ever reason for considering white heterosexual men for any position of authority is the fact that they can be criticized and replaced without going through this farrago of blaming criticism of them on racism and misogyny.

This may be the only reason that Joe Biden has the slimmest, narrowest, microscopic ghost of a chance of securing the Dem party nomination, incipient senility aside. Is an old, white, heterosexual male the last best chance for the Democrat Party? Discuss as you can bear it.

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