29. August 2005 · Comments Off on Katrina · Categories: Media Matters Not

Help me out here.

Am I the ONLY one who felt disappointed that New Orleans missed being destroyed yet again?

Don’t get me wrong. I love New Orleans. One of my best drunks ever was on Bourbon Street and there’s no better place to have a hangover breakfast. They understand the need for a serious Bloody Mary in that town.

But I was promised large scale destruction of a major city by mother nature and as messed up as I know it sounds, I feel completely ripped off.

I will now go hang my head in shame.

Can I blame MTV if I never watch it?


Update: 30 Aug 05. Midafternoon. The above was commentary more on the media coverage of the event than it was of my true feelings on the matter…just in case anyone missed that. I realize that not everyone “gets” me sometimes.

All I can say today is pray if you got Him and think good thoughts in that direction if ya don’t. Those folks need all the help they can get.

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