13. August 2004 · Comments Off on Kerry’s Wild Imagination · Categories: General

I thought I caught John Kerry in another lie today, when I heard him claiming that George Bush’s actions in Iraq have added “about $10” to the price of a barrel of oil. On checking my facts, I find Cambridge Energy Research Associates (CERA) estimates the “security premium” to be between $6 and $10 per barrel. Although I have gotten other estimates closer to $5/bl.

However, Kerry has stated in the past that, where he president, he would also have deposed Saddam, just as Bush has. The only difference being that he would illicit more “international support”. What I would like to know is, even if Kerry could have managed to gain the cooperation of France and Russia, how would that have lessened the terrorist threat to oil supplies. Indeed, perhaps Russia’s involvement would put their own oil production capability at greater jeopardy? After all, we must remember that they have a substantial Islamic terrorism problem of their own.

Surely, every politician takes great license with reality when on the campaign trail. But, thus far, I have yet to hear ANYTHING from Kerry that wasn’t totally from through the looking glass.

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