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IFM Via Michele.

Blackfive is contemplating getting out of Chicago…again. But really dude…Texas? (Looking over my shoulder, seeing Mom in full “Don’t Mess with Texas” glory…how do you clean a shirt with rhinestones?…ahem…Texas is nice…especially San Antonio…in the summer…sure good idea…) Who the hell still owns a Colt six-shooter?

Kos is…well Kos. Hey, I like to stay in touch with my inner liberal…this is how I do it…so my inner centrist can ground him and send him to his room.

Carnival of the Recipes is up. The SaraK….errrr…Snickers Brownies look yummy. What? Beautiful Wife lets me look.

Been to Cox and Forkum lately? Me neither. Dey been busy.

Okay…that’s all I could find this morning…must go to gym now…I think it’s an Eliptical Cycle day with Blondie Live in New York for the soundtrack. After doing the Top-3 Bowlathon yesterday…everything’s a bit sore and stiff. No…not for Columbine…everyone brought stuff for the guys and gals in the sandbox. My contributions? A bunch of those little bowls of ready to eat soup, Garlic Powder, Onion Flakes, and Italian Seasoning. One girl looked at me and said, “Who the hell wants spices?” You know how you can tell when someone’s never lived on MREs?

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