20. November 2004 · Comments Off on Links for Saturday Mornin’ Coffee · Categories: General Nonsense

Smash had a busy week. Start at the top and scroll down. If you’re not from San Diego, the mayorial election seems kind of boring until you realize he’s talking about a popular write-in candidate who might lose because people wrote in her name but failed to color the bubble.

Frank J. has letters from vets to Michael Moore.

Michele has a new, header which could either be blasphemous or pure poetry…I come from a mixed marriage, Dad was a Bears fan, Mom was pure Packers. The reposted Thanksgiving bit is good for a chuckle if you were ever a comics geek.

Blackfive has a very cool picture of a “Marine Rifle Platoon.” And a link to a petition in support of the Marine being investigated in the Mosque shooting.

Speaking of the Marine in the Mosque thing…The Cartoon Nazi has one of the better rants I’ve seen on the subject.

And Risawn is having fun with her 15 minutes by posting more Photoshopped images of her now infamous, “I’m Not Sorry” photo.

Out here…must go PT….I love PT…really. My 43 year old body is loving all the oxygen…loving the sweat…loving every little ache and pain that I fully deserve from taking too much time off. Righhhht.

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