20. December 2004 · Comments Off on Little Angel · Categories: General, My Head Hurts

In this time of glad tidings we are short an angel.
He was murdered before the holidays at the hands of his mother’s significant other.
He was 3 months shy of two.

I remember seeing him from time to time, and I will remember him as a happy, smiling baby.
I cried when I saw his tiny body, black and blue, in his little casket.
How wrong that seemed and so very unfair.
Why did this happen, How could someone do this to such a small helpless child??

This Christmas, parents hold you children tight and tell them how much you love them; because I’m sure the angel’s father would want to be able to say the same to him.

In Loving memory of
LB Benoit
Feb 2003 to Nov 2004

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