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Read the article here.

It sounds like something our own Sgt Mom could have written (some of the comments do, as well).

From the article:

No, the Tea Party is that rare beast, a genuinely spontaneous popular movement. Its proximate cause is easily enough discerned: the US federal government is 30 per cent bigger than it was two years ago, a position both main parties would have considered unthinkable as recently as 2007.

From the comments:

What are the common characteristic of Tea Party supporters?

We pay our bills, we save for our retirement, we are responsible for ourselves, and we demand the same for the rest of the country. (snip)

We want to cut the government back to its constitutionally mandated limits, and progressives/libs can bray like the symbol of their party while we do it.


Final characteristic of Tea Party supporters, is the ability to judge the results of policy, whether it’s welfare, tax, or foreign policy, on results of that policy, NOT on the intentions of those who passed and implemented the policy.

Thanks to my real-life and facebook buddy, Jerry Henry for the link.

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