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Glenn Reynolds posts this from Popular Mechanics:

Biloxi ought to be Exhibit A in any discussion of whether current coastal development regulations make sense. The beachfront properties were devastated, but only a few hundred yards inland, damage was moderate. Maybe there’s a lesson there for developers? Apparently not. Compared to New Orleans, where whole neighborhoods remain deserted, Biloxi is crawling with construction teams. Most of them are busy rebuilding hotels right at the water’s edge.

The wisdom of building on the gulf coast waterfront aside, Mississippi is getting back on its feet. Meanwhile, New Orleanians continue to go homeless, because of NIMBY concerns over FEMA-supplied trailers:

Half the state’s 64 parishes Louisiana’s equivalent of counties have barred such trailer parks, and most of the rest have various restrictions, FEMA said.

The agency’s acting director, R. David Paulison, said in a telephone interview with The Associated Press that some of the restrictions are unreasonable, such as a requirement that only evacuated parish residents be allowed to live in the parks.

Since almost every other state has taken in Hurricane Katrina evacuees, Paulison said, “I don’t know why the parishes won’t let their own Louisiana neighbors come in until they get their lives back together.”

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