23. December 2005 · Comments Off on Making A Better Blog · Categories: Site News

As most of you know, Sgt. Mom and Cpl. Blondie are traveling here to SoCal. Sgt. Mom and I plan to get together then.

Well, besides a meeting of old friends – with its pomp, regalia, and comradery, this is also to be a “business building” meeting, about the future of the blog.

I will be largely engaged, for the next few days, in structuring an agenda for this meeting. Much of it will involve technical, structural, and business-building matters. But the most important part, in my view, is our public presence; how do we make this a better blog for you?

So, here is your chance to be a part. And please, afford us no quarter; something you may think is trivial might be quite important to another who has no chance to comment in the next few days.

Thanks to you all. — Kevin

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