22. May 2005 · Comments Off on Four downs, six downs, whatever… · Categories: General

[begin shameless self-promotion]
Besides my occasional posting here at the Daily Brief (which finally picked up again after too long of a hiatus), I’ve started my own blog: Ticklish Ears (www.ticklishears.com). I’ll continue to post here at The Brief on military stuff, hot-potato political items, and other general nonsense. At Ticklish Ears, I’ll focus more on cultural, religious, and academic issues as seen through the eyes of a conservative, evangelical college professor. I hope you’ll check it out.

I thought today was a good day to introduce my alter-ego since I’ve got an item over there that might be of interest. It concerns a math word problem that appeared on a statewide seventh-grade end of year test . Apparently, some of our educators don’t understand how the game of football is played (State Math Test Drops the Ball on Football Question).
[end shameless self-promotion]

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