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From: Sgt Mom
To: The Usual Overpaid Celebs
Re: The Brutal Squashing Of Your Brave Dissent

1. I am sorry, people— apparently you pay top price for everything in your gilded world except for a little brutal honesty. Allow me to administer some at no charge; namely that you are talented and amusing. We pay you obscene amounts of money to display that talent and amuse us. In that you have a certain commonality with a well trained and costumed performing monkey; try not to be insulted by the comparison. The performing monkeys probably are.
2. You sing and play music, dress up in nice costumes and pretend to be other people, and recite lines written by other people. On occasion the people writing the lines, and those whom you perform them for may actually either be cleverer, more experienced in the ways of this wicked world, and may just have more professional expertise in dealing with it. Take your paycheck and adjust to the fact that you live in a separate and more sheltered world than the rest of us. Only those favored few celebs who have actually come out into the larger world, and acquired some real-world expertise and credentials are allowed to lecture captive audiences, and usually not during their professional stints of providing amusement to the paying audience.
3. This does not, by the way, prohibit those of you with two brain-cells to rub together, a decent compassion for the less fortunate, or a sense of noblesse oblige from excercising those capabilities on behalf of those designated unfortunates. By all means, have at it. Many of your fellows, across a wide political spectrum have done sterling work for the movements and causes that they personally feel drawn to, and we respect them enormously for it, most especially if they are modest enough to do good work quietly and humbly.
4. Furthermore, we are tired about hearing how your dissent is being squashed. Sorry, that is not dissent. That is disagreement. And when and if your statement of dissent is so untactfully phrased as to be viewed as insulting to the intelligence of the audience or the public at large, we— your public retain the right to call you on it. And we will, as much as various intellectual lefties, university professors, and the editorial staff of the New York Times wish we ignorant proles would just sit down and shut up and let our bettors tell us what to think. If a boycott for table grapes and South African wine is a good thing for the approved social causes, then we reserve the right to boycott stuff that has pissed us off, too. Please don’t hand us a load of how one is OK and the other is (cue scary music) McCarthyism!!!
5. Finally, I find it particularly amusing that people in the entertainment industry, which, more than any other, has painted America as a violent, vulgar, lawless and uncultured cowboy country, and Americans as devoted to over-the-top religious frenzies, or deviant sexuality, are yet among the first to go abroad and condemn their own country for being seen as violent, vulgar, lawless, etc, etc, while seeming entirely clueless of their own contribution to the situation. Thank you all so very much for that.

Sgt. Mom

PS— If you are going to dish it out, best be sure you can take it in return.

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