04. December 2004 · Comments Off on Metal Nightmare · Categories: That's Entertainment!

One of the commenter’s included a link to his fanzine Heavy Metal Nightmare. I haven’t read all the issues but I’m all for the concept behind it, opposing all that is false in metal.

I’m not a metal head by any stretch of the imagination, but I know what I like and anyone who’s interviewing Dio with some level of respect deserves some more traffic.

I caught Dio when he opened with Rainbow for Cheap Trick back in the 70s. There’s another rock voice that just isn’t human, it’s more siren than voice. “Man on the Silver Mountain” and their version of “Street of Dreams” simply kicks ass…or they did 25 years ago…damn…I’m not sure what’s more amazing, that I remember it with such clarity or that I’m still alive 25 years after nights like that.

Anyway, now I know why he was correcting me on the proper flashing of the Devil’s Horns sign…he would know…and yet…not one article on the appropriate use of cowbell…huh.

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