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Blackfive has the go-ahead from Simon & Schuster to edit a compilation of milblogs from OIF. Read all about it on his site. LT Smash will be one of the contributors.

Blackfive says, in part:

While I have already been in contact with about 30 MilBloggers, I could use your help. This is your opportunity to influence the content of a book – what posts would you like to see in a book (on the history) of our soldiers in the War on Terror?

Please either email me suggestions or put a link (if use http:// with the URL, the link will be live) in the Comments of the best Military Blog posts that you have read.

As editor, I’m looking at a wide range of experiences – Saying Goodbye (from deciding to serve in the military to leaving loved ones behind), Combat, the Weight of Command, the Fallen, Homefront (spouse and parent blogs), Humor, Time Off, and Coming Home.

And, as always, thank you for supporting and visiting MilBlogs. This is happening, quite frankly, because of all of you.

Personally, I’d like to see Capt Patti included in there, and Sgt Hook.

Hat tip to the Indepundit

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