28. December 2004 · Comments Off on Military Times Poll · Categories: Military

The results of the annual Military Times Poll are in. The results, with respect to both morale, and support for President Bush, are quite good. This is not a scientific poll, of course. But I think we will all be agreed here that this is pretty representative of the general attitude of the troops. Here’s a summary from USA Today:

Sixty-three percent of respondents approve of the way President Bush is handling the war, and 60% remain convinced it is a war worth fighting. Support for the war is even greater among those who have served longest in the combat zone: Two-thirds of combat vets say the war is worth fighting.

But the men and women in uniform are under no illusions about how long they will be fighting in Iraq; nearly half say they expect to be there more than five years.

In addition, 87%% say they’re satisfied with their jobs and, if given the choice today, only 25% say they’d leave the service.

Compared with last year, the percentages for support for the war and job satisfaction remain essentially unchanged.

A year ago, 77% said they thought the military was stretched too thin to be effective. This year, that number shrank to 66%.

Of course, there are some leftist propagandists out there who would like to use this poll’s lack of scientific validity to convince their readers that the morale of our troops is lagging.

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