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“Hatred as an element of struggle; unbending hatred for the enemy, which pushes a human being beyond his natural limitations, making him into an effective, violent, selective, and cold-blooded killing machine. This is what our soldiers must become …”
Che Guevara

…or wasn’t that in the charming little inspirational from “The Motorcycle Diaries?”

I’m not sure what’s weirder, really really rich people who make their living here but who live abroad applauding one of the most ruthless motherf*****s of the past century, or the juxtaposition of what was really a sweet little idealistic song attached to said mf?

What’s really scary to me? I KNOW I’m in the minority in our country simply because I know who Ernesto Guevara de la Serna is. Most Americans probably think it’s a quaint little tale of adventure with pretty ethnic music.

And it just pisses me off that Antonio Banderas and Carlos Santana made it all the more attractive. I LIKE those guys.

I know I’m late on this but it’s been a weird day.

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