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While I agree with Kevin that it’s best to let the newly-retired anchorman fade quietly into the woodwork, I can still enjoy a wee bit of mockery. Especially when it’s cleverly presented.

Iowahawk gives us the final story in his “Detective Dan Rather” series, this one called “The Big Snooze.”

For any who loved Sam Spade, this is worth reading.


It was a blustery March morning in Manhattan. I hiked up the collar on my trenchcoat and stepped out into a fresh sheet of snow that had fallen in front of the seedy West 80’s flop house I call home. Pretty stuff, that snow. But just below the surface it can conceal something icy, something treacherous. Something that can make your Florsheims lose their grip, set your arms and legs windmilling spastically, cause you to make a violent, jarring, assplant into a frigid sidewalk filth-slushee. And in my line of business it’s all part of a day’s work.

My name is Rather. And I’m a dick.

Enjoy! (I’m heading back over to read his earlier works in that series)

hattip to Slarrow

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