16. October 2006 · Comments Off on Monday Night Comedies On CBS · Categories: That's Entertainment!

“How I Met Your Mother” Friends, but funnier. Barney is the king of all bastardly single guys.

“The Class” Welcome Back Kotter’s kids…er…grandkids? I think they’re trying to see how many plots they can cram into a half an hour. It’s working, but damn…

“Two and a Half Men” The Odd Couple just never gets old, especially when it’s as twisted as this show. I think the little guy, Jake, may have the best timing in comedy today.

“The New Adventures of Old Christine” Not sure if this is supposed to be “The Lucy Show” or some sort of weird “Mary Tyler Moore” thing…but it’s funnier this year than last.

Not a regular schmoe married to a hot chick in the bunch.

I have no idea what “CSI Miami” is doing at the end of Monday Night. It’s a sad distant relation to Hawaii Five Oh. David Caruso is no Jack Lord and chicks in bikinis just don’t make up for all the moping and fuming. And if we’re going to have someone who’s always smarter than everyone else, can we at least have some sort of likeable quirk? It’s a rule. They broke it.

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