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I’m currently watching an episode of Discovery Channel’s Monster Garage, from last season. Jesse and his crew are building a Christmas float which spins 360s, while a drunken, skull-faced Santa arises, and fountains of candy gush from his outstretched hands – wicked. 🙂

Monster Santa

But they just said that, while the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade is second only to the US government in consumption of helium, experts predict the wold’s helium supply will be depleted by 2010. I knew this couldn’t be so, as their are currently many projects going on to create a new generation of high-tech LTA craft – principally for heavy-lift applications.


Well, as it turns out, only the private supply of helium is expected to dry up by 2010. There is still another 10 years worth in the Federal Helium Reserve. And, as you exploit more natural gas reserves, you find more helium.

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