23. December 2004 · Comments Off on More Full Throttle Nonsense · Categories: General Nonsense, That's Entertainment!

Again I am watching the History Channel’s Full Throttle. An tonight’s projects are ’67 VW Beatles. At least they are doing the right thig, by changing out the stock 1500’s with pro-built 2165’s with dual Webers and 5 speeds. But ack! the idiots are pulling out the engines seperate from the transmissions! Does this generation (actually, one team is my age) not even know how to wrench a Beatle? You pull the engine and trans as a unit, idiots. With the time you save, you could fit a nitrous kit.

Well, at least the retrospectives are amusing.

Ack! another error! some idiot has just said the VW Beatle is the most popular car ever built – wrong! the 21+ million production of the Beatle is surpassed by the Toyota Corolla.

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