21. February 2005 · Comments Off on More Project Runway Notes · Categories: That's Entertainment!

I’ve just read the infamous Popgurls interview with Vanessa Riley, as well as this interview with Austin Scarlett. My opinion is now stronger than ever that this woman has her head shoved quite far up her ass.

In the story, she professes her revulsion at working with “kids”. But Alexandria Vidal, who, along with herself and Kevin Johnn, see feels are the 3 best designers of the show, was only 22. She claims no additional opportunities as a result of Project Runway, yet wonders if she should now “go big”.

She takes several digs at Houston, Texas, where she lives, claiming there’s no opportunity for a haute couture designer to flourish there. But, while Houston may not be New York or Los Angeles, or even Dallas, it’s still a huge metropolis, with a large professional class – exactly what she identifies as her target market.

Even on the matter of Heidi Klum, she finds her totally aloof and vacuous. She also laments that Heidi made no effort to “be friends” or “mentor” the contestants. First, as a judge, would it have been at all appropriate for Heidi to do anything like that during the show.? As well, in reading Austin’s interview, it seems he and Heidi have maintained a relationship since. He designed her Halloween costume (he did not, however, get a chance to design Nancy O’Dell’s Oscar gown).

t seems that Austin and Vanessa have remained good friends since the show was taped. Austin should be a good friend, and set her straight on a few things – particularly her own inflated self-image.

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