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I have just caught a bid of the WE marathon of the mega-hit Aussie series McLeod’s Daughters. This is the #1 drama series down-under, and is gaining a substancial following here. I can see why.

First, the scripting and production are strictly Yankee quality. Any follower of international productions knows that, even the offerings from major markets, like the UK, are frequently rather crude by our standards. That is not the case here; McLeod’s Daughter’s is first-class all the way. Further, the story lines are quite compeling. What I’m watching just now (Haunted) is from the first season (2001). And the serial story line is not really a big factor. I fear that, as the series has played on, like Dallas, Dynasty, or LA Law, the serial story line will come to dominate, and it will be just another soap-opera.

But oh – the babes! OMG! Sonia Todd (Meg Fountian), the “mum” of the group is like a cross between Concetta Tomei and Holland Taylor. Lisa Chappell (Claire McLeod) is Australia’s Sela Ward. Rachael Carpani (Jodi Fountain) is VERY Rachel Blanchard, with a touch of Kate Hudson. And Jessica Napier (Becky Howard) is like a cross between Jennie Garth, and a very young Meg Ryan.

But my favorite, by a good measure, is Bridie Carter (Tess Silverman McLeod) she is Kathleen Turner, with a strong dose of Rebecca Gayheart, and a marvelous actress in her own right. All I can say is, WOW!

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