02. July 2005 · Comments Off on More On McLeod’s Daughters · Categories: General

Our friends from Down Under might note that we are only on season two here, about three years behind you. Our current episode is You Can’t Leave Your Hat On.

Well, concurret with my previous post, this is pretty much a stock melodrama. It’s just amazing to see something this well produced come from overseas.

But, as I inferred in my previous post, the real attraction of this series is those georgous Aussie women [I still think Lisa Chappell and Sela Ward were twins, seperated at birth. (Although, in truth, Lisa is about 12 years younger, and has blue eyes, rather than Sela’s brown.)]

But there’s something beyond that: It’s that wonderful Kingsford Homestead (the fictious Drover’s Run). I mean, a million dollars wouldn’t build sets like this. And the Barossa Valley: I mean this is the Orange County I saw evaporating before my eyes in the ’60s.

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