14. August 2005 · Comments Off on More On The Home Network · Categories: General, Technology

Well, it seems hooking up the Airlink101 802.11g home network was more a problem in my mind than in reality.

First: While my two-to-three year-old information told me ISPs were hostile to home networks, I found Earthlink quite helpful, and not at all worried about having two nodes running on a single account.

Second: As shown by my previous post, the amount of misinformation and confusion out there, even among so-called “professionals” is rampant. I therefore volunteer to be your cyber-rabbi, should you have questions along this line. I need to know more here – and I always find I learn more by being a teacher. And I promise not to feed you any bullshit.

So, the home network is running: router hooked to DSL modem (and handling the dialer tasks), my computer hooked to router via Eithernet, and Dear Brother’s computer hooked to router via 802.11g. I have to train him – I just drew a diagram. I have to learn myself.

No encryption yet. That’s the next step.

Chime in if you wish to learn with me.

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