Yes, the great science fiction visionary, Robert A. Heinlein (PBUM) an Annapolis grad and serving naval officer who was discharged for reasons of health early on in what might have been a promising naval career at the right time and in the right generation to have made a significant command mark in WWII, generated the concept of the crazy years. But I wonder if he had the slightest clue of the far-frozen limits of bug-house, chewing-at-the-restraints, raving-at-the-moon crazy that current political figures, media personalities, self-styled internet stars, and academic t*ats would achieve … and just in the last week or so. Really, under the old rules of civility, the ones that I grew to adulthood honoring, decent citizens would have just looked away, murmuring polite demurrals and excuses under their breath, while deleting the offending party from their address book and never inviting them to their neighborhood potlucks any more … but now the crazy has got to such an extent that one can hardly keep up.

The noisier prog/leftoids – and noisy because of the death-like grasp of their claws on the higher perches of the establishment media, entertainment, and the almost incestuous intertangling of prog-political with major media operatives and sympathizers, to the point that the rest of us can hardly escape having our ears battered with their concerns – have gone into overdrive. Yes, they have been going into steadily increasing levels of overdrive over the last two years, achieving orbital velocity in the past six months. But at some point, you have to think that they would all just melt down into a steaming puddle of outrage goo. From which you think (and would hope) that those who have not been paying much attention and are still recognizably sane and able to function meaningfully in this, our lamentably mixed-up, screwed up world would at least recognize that our noisy prog/leftoids in the media biz are not dealing from a full deck.

A comprehensive list would be … well, longer than I have the time and patience to enumerate. A look at the current headlines should be sufficient: the NAACP wants to impeach Trump for whatever, the brightest bulbs on the Dem election marquee are stoked at the impossible possibility of reparations and totally open borders, the black-clad black-masked minions of Antifa are planning a ten-day long bout of festivities in El Paso, Texas early next month (Yes, high desert West Texas, in head-to-toe black clothing in September, where temperatures are most likely to be in the high 90ies), it’s apparently a high crime to point out that mountains of trash and rat infestations on city streets are the responsibility of the managerial cadre and political leadership of that city, that Al Sharpton is the spiritual heir of Martin Luther King, and that sufferers from body dysmorphia ought to be indulged in their delusions of sexual identity.
Have we reached peak crazy yet? If not, then when, and how will we be able to tell. Discuss as you wish.

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  1. “Have we reached peak crazy yet?”

    No, Not yet, Not by a long shot. The 2020 campaign has just gotten started.

    “If not, then when,…?”

    Maybe the day after election day, but it really depends on who wins.