14. September 2005 · Comments Off on More Top Gear Idiocy · Categories: That's Entertainment!

Today’s episode of Top Gear was focused upon the Lamborghini Miura. Personally, I consider the Miura to be the most beautiful post-war car. And, I stress that post-war qualifier: as there simply is no frame-of-reference with which one can compare a Lamborghini to a Bugatti Atlantic, or a Mercedes 540K Special Roadster. Anyway, they had a poll of the audience, and what alarmed me was that the Jaguar XKE never came up. Well, as I said, I am a Miura fan. But the general consensus among automotive pundits is that the XKE is the most beautiful post-war car. And the fact that the XKE wasn’t even an also-ran in their studio poll troubles me.

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