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The United States Postal Service has apparently done away with the Madonna and Child postage stamps for this year. Unless my memory has gone all whacky, not unheard of, we’ve had some sort of Jesus and Mary stamp since I can remember. Any Stamp Collectors out there?

This year’s Christmas Holiday stamps include Holiday Cookies and Holiday Ornaments. There is no Kwanza this year. There is no Hanukkah. There are cookies and ornaments.

You know, I’m not even religious. In my house be believe in God but we don’t acknowledge any particular religion other than we kind of have to admit we’re Christians by the simple fate of our environment. I KNOW that mythology. But to me it’s just another mythology, another attempt to explain things. I think Taoism does a better job but that has more to do with the physical world than the spiritual. But I do acknowledge that there’s got to be something else going on in the world other than what Newton and Einstein figured out, I just don’t think any of the current churches have it figured out either and most have stopped trying and just set up shop with what they’ve got. Does it sell? Yes. Good enough.

But going back to my High School U.S. History teacher I have to put down my foot and stare at the silliness of those who would try to take Christmas out of the holidays. It’s Christmas if you’re a Christian, it’s Hannakuh if you’re Jewish, it’s Kwanza if you’re…whatever that is, I claim complete ignorance other than I assume it’s something spiritual in nature. And don’t get all “Hah!” with me, I’ve never claimed to be anything more than a very white boy. I like Earth Wind and Fire, my heart goes pittity pat over Alicia Keys’ voice, but my black friends really wish I wouldn’t dance to them…ever. And for the Pagans, let’s not forget the pagans, they made most of our mythology up to begin with, like it or not, it’s the Winter Solstice.

Where was I? Oh yes, High School U.S. History. Mr. Bryer. “Where in the U.S. Constitution does it say ‘Freedom from religion?’ Anyone? Buellor? Ah yes, Mr Timmer, care to enlighten us with your shining intellect?” “Yes sir, it’s in the First Amendment.” “And once again Mr Timmer crashes into flames on the poorly waxed floor beneath our feet.”

Nowhere ladies and gentlement, nowhere are we guaranteed freedom FROM religion just freedom OF religion. You want your own holiday stamp, get you religion together and make enough noise to get the USPS to issue one. Do us all a favor though and make it in December or January. Jump on the bandwagon. Let’s cram all the religious high festive holidays into one time of year. Let’s make it a bigger party. Really piss of the folks who are offended by any sort of spiritual acknowledgement. That would make the Baby Jesus smile.

Hat tip to Ann Althouse. Whom I’ve just discovered because of the OSM/PJM ee-I-ee-I-oh kerfuffle. Yeah, I know Reynolds links to her all the time but half the time Reynolds’ page won’t load so seriously…I had no idea.

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