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Ok, here’s an EASY one:

Before (or perhaps it was after) he was a pirate on the planet Persephone, he was a pirate in LA’s south bay.

Name the actor and the productions (remember, no Googling). 🙂

Answer: Man, you guys NEVER cease to amaze me: I throw out something so obscure as America’s first epic film, and you not only get it – first day – you throw me for a loop. Then I throw a softball like this, and nothing. What’s up?

OK: I would have thought that Persephone would have been a dead give away. But it seems we have quite a few Browncoater wannabes here that don’t realize Persephone is part of the Firefly universe. So, now we are down to four male characters (and perhaps you might have not resisted the urge to Google here). But, not realizing that LA’s south bay was the location for both Globogym and Average Joe’s, you might have missed “Steve the Pirate.”

So, the answer is: Alan Tudyk, and Firefly/Serenity – Dodgeball

Anyway, dudes and dudettes: I have things floating in my head. But I’m a bit trivia’d-out just now. Look for another installment Wednesday or Thursday.

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