21. October 2005 · Comments Off on Movie Trivia For 10/18/05 · Categories: That's Entertainment!

Well, I tell ya’, if you check the last few posts, you’ll know I’m dead-peddling here – you guys really have me on the ropes.

Anyway: while I’m regrouping, let me just throw out this standard pitch for you:

Everyone knows Elizabeth Taylor was the first starlet to get a one million dollar guarantee for her work in Cleopatra. But she was the second, for this film.

Update: It’s obvious I’ve Stumped the Band here: so you search-engine mavens – have at it.

Anyway, I’ve got what I think is a real neuron-tickler up next. But, as my record at predicting these things is, I bet you’ll get it in the first hour.

Update 2: congratz to reader Atlanta Lawyer (see comments).

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