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The “exit scene” from this film could not happen as depicted, because this vehicle does not have the correct engine(s).

First hint: It’s not Back to the Future Part III. 🙂

Extra credit: identify the type of engine actually used.

Update: Second hint: This film is a sequel. It is only by virtue of the extensive background work done on its predecessor (well, and the laws of physics – but movies bend those all the time) that we know this was a gaff.

Update: Third hint: In my experience on IMDb, this has to be the most-gigged film. This is because of the VERY loyal fanbase, and the aforementioned exactitude of its predecessor. However, this gaff, and many others, aren’t mentioned.

Think about it, people: Perhaps THE most meticulous feature film of all time, by – arguably – Hollywood’s MOST FANATICAL director. And its less-than-glorious sequel [by (hint #4) another director].


Update: Congratz to reader Steve C. (see comments).

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