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This should be easy. What am I talking about here?

In this film. it was Highland Green. And in this film, it was Heritage Blue and Epic Orange.

Update: DemoMan is within inches of the correct answer (see comments). But I think he’s so sure he knows what he knows, he doesn’t know enough to question himself. 🙂

I’ve tweaked the time tag to bring this back to the fore. I’ll give the correct answer tomorrow, if no-one comes up with it first.

The Answer! DemoMan might have fouled himself up by giving too much information. 🙂 It is correct that those were the cars Steve McQueen drove in Bullitt and LeMans. But the LeMans car was a Porsche 917K, as John Wyer’s JW Automotive/Gulf Oil team raced in 1970 and 71. The blue and orange GT40P (#1075) raced, and won, at LeMans in 1968 and 69.

As well, Carroll Shelby had very little involvement with any of the Fords mentioned. The JWA/Gulf GT40P was a Mark I (Shelby American was involved principally with the Mk. II and IV). The Mustang GT 390 (there were actually two used in the film, only one still exists) was modified for the rigors of the chase scenes by veteran race driver and builder Max Balchowsky.

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