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Name the event, and the (7) films:

David Carradine and Burt Reynolds did it twice. Michael Sarrazin did it once. And Peter Fonda only got half way. But H. Nelson Jackson did it first.

Update: Hey, cool – RPD and 74: I was bigtime into California desert racing back in the early ’70s.

Hint: Anyway – RPD had it pretty-much correct. But he (she?) fell short on the details. But let me give you this: Every personality has at least one film associated with them. That makes 5. And I said, with reference to two: “twice”. That makes 7. Any help there?

The Answer! Well… the event, traveling coast-to-coast via non-tracked motor vehicle, and the first five films are pretty easy. The sixth one I put in just to throw you for a loop. And the final one is just plain obscure:

David Carradine:

Death Race 2000

Burt Reynolds:

Cannonball Run
Cannonball Run II

Michael Sarrazin

Gumball Rally

Peter Fonda:

Easy Rider (New Orleans is a bit farther than half way, but close enough.)

And finally, H. Nelson Jackson:

The Ken Burns documentary, Horatio’s Drive

Note: Timestamp jiggered.

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