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Of all the great vocalists (most notably Sophie Tucker) to play with Frank Sinatra on The Joker is Wild (1957), only one other (perhaps even greater than The Chairman – Sinatra’s ideal) was heard singing. And he/she was not even credited. Give a name, a tune, and a scene.

The Answer! The scene is the after-show party, where Joe E. Lewis (Sinatra) first meets Letty Page (the lovely Jeanne Crain). The rest of the party is behind a screen. The singer, who is obviously too tall to be Bing, is doing “June in January”. And, while the signature is unmistakably Bing’s, it doesn’t quite sound right – like a really good impersonation.

Well, it turns out they didn’t hire Bing to do a fresh cover, but rather, took the recording from the “Musical Autobiography” album, and sped it up just a tad.

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