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As it seems we don’t get much traffic here over the weekends, I have to beg you not to Google this – at least until Tuesday – to give our readers who might know this off the tops of their heads a fair chance:

This renowned actress got her film debut, quite inauspiciously, in Dutch in Seven Lessons.

Update: As this seems to have fallen off the front page, I just fiddled with th time tag, to bring it to the fore.

Update 2: The Answer! Audrey Hepburn. It’s a popular misconception, especially in the United States, that she made he film debut in Roman Holiday . But she had a developing career in Europe (where her most memorable picture was, arguably, The Lavender Hill Mob, staring Alec Guinness) before being “discovered” by Colette and whisked off to Broadway to do the title role in the stage version of Gigi.

Thanks to the readers who looked-up the answer, but remained mum.

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