11. September 2005 · Comments Off on My Girl… Talkin’ About My Girl.. · Categories: That's Entertainment!

I’m currently listening to some pledge-drive thing on my local PBS station. And they are playing some sort of My Music Temptations Review. WHAT THE FUCK CAN THEY BE THINKING!!! When I think back on those soaring David Ruffin vocals, and that millisecond-perfect Temptations precision, and then listen to these oafs, all I can do is wretch.

Update: I just tuned away, to another local PBS station playing Judy, Dino, and Frank (three of the greatest voices this planet has ever known), singing some perfectly trash number, and then breaking for an appeal for pledges – what can these people be thinking?? Cut in after the highlights, and then only briefly. And then get back to the highlights.

To thier credit, another local PBS station did their pledge-drive feature around Norah Jones and the Handsome Band 2004; MUCH BETTER.

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