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I’ve started five or six articles over the past couple of weeks, but haven’t been able to stay on focus. On the bright side, I have good starts. 🙂 I have had a fairly good Veteran’s Day. It’s my first in the states since I got out 2 years ago. However, like every Veteran’s Day since I got out, I didn’t get the day as a holiday, although I think I could have used it as one of my floaters. Alas, I had system maintenance that needed to be done, and today was a good day for it.

My husband had an appointment with the surgeon today in preparation for getting “fixed.” Since the kids didn’t have school today, and I have more than enough hours built up this pay period, I stayed home this morning. I had a great time playing soccer with my 6 year old. I’m pretty sure I pulled something behind my knee as it hurts like the dickens, but it was well worth it.

As I was driving into work, an absolutely horrid song came on my favorite station so I started channel flipping. Eventually I ended up on a country station, which means there was crap on the rock and pop stations. The song was “Have you Forgotten” which I had never heard before, and I had my cry, because I have not forgotten nor do I expect I ever will.

Back during the summer, a couple of friends came to visit. The three of us were stationed at the JAC together, and shared many a misadventure. Dr Dre, so named over his userid, was an Army Specialist, now a contractor. NMI, for No Middle Initial, is a lifer. We often refer to her as the future Chief Master Sergeant of the Air Force, which she does not appreciate as we do. Dr Dre hated the Army. He was a sharp troop, and kicked butt at PT, but loathed awards. I could always count on him to ridicule me (or anyone else) over getting an award, or a promotion. His goal was to remain a SPC until he could get out. Needless to say, I gave him all kinds of grief over getting himself promotable, but he managed to get released from Stop Loss before he could go to PLDC.

Given Dr Dre’s aversion to anything military, what he told me when they were visiting was a surprise, albeit not a bad one. He told us that since 9/11, he is glad he had been in the Army. He said it gave him an understanding about what life is like for the soldiers that he wouldn’t have otherwise. We all agreed with him.

Now for my rant. One of the things I’ve been hearing over the past 3 years is people not wanting our troops dying for ill-fought, misguided, illegal wars. While I respect their freedom to spew, they need to understand something. You can’t speak for Soldiers, Sailors, Marines, or Airman if you have never worn a uniform. You can’t sympathize nor empathize because you cannot relate. So to them, I will exercise my freedom of speech and quote that great poster that says “How about a nice big cup of shut the f*** up.”

And to all the veterans, and those currently serving, Thank You. You have my respect and my gratitude.

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