27. April 2005 · Comments Off on MY NOSE IS BLEEDING….. · Categories: Air Force, Military, That's Entertainment!

Well, it is. I got so sunburned last Sunday – so did Nurse Jenny. Never thought about sunburn, it was so freezing cold. The temp was about 40, with a stiff wind and a wind chill of about 27, but the sun was really bright. We didn’t mind because we were watching the Navy’s terrific BLUE ANGELS! Last weekend was the annual Vidalia Onion Festival – we grow the best sweet onions in the world here – you can eat one raw without tears, they’re really good – and every year we have this festival with air shows on Saturday and Sunday.

The Blue Angels have been here several times, and they put on the greatest show! Go Navy!

But I’d like to see the Thunderbirds put on a show here, they have red, white, and blue smoke whereas the Blue Angels only use white. Of course, being an Air Force retiree, I have this loyalty to the Thunderbirds, I’ve seen their shows, and they used to park their birds on our ramp at PAFB when they came to Colorado Springs. They really put on a great show, but any air shows have to wait until my neck gets over the strain of watching the Angels last weekend! I was videotaping the show, and keeping up with the airplanes kept me moving! But we got some really great video, and Jen was taking stills, so I’ll post one or two of those when I get the film developed.

I just wish I could get over this awful sunburn!

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