12. June 2008 · Comments Off on My Opinions Change · Categories: GWOT

When Gitmo was first set up, I thought, “Good.  Lock ’em all up.”

When people cried that the detainees’ rights were being violated, I joined the chorus of, “They’re combatants, they have no rights!”

In the back of my head was a voice crying, “We’re Americans dammit, we’re better than this.”

Today the “liberal” block of the Supreme Court listened to their voices much better than I ever did and decided that those folks have every right to have the government either show the evidence against them or set them free.

We’re Americans dammit, we’re better than we’ve shown to be over the past few years.  Thanks to the Supreme Court, we’re acting like it again.

Maybe it’s going to prove to be a mistake when it comes to our security.  But we all know what Ben Franklin said about that.

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