18. September 2004 · Comments Off on Nader Takes Florida · Categories: Politics

Ralph Nader has won the right to be on the November ballot in Florida:

The Florida Supreme Court has ruled that maverick politician Ralph Nader can be on ballot papers in the November US presidential election.

The decision is regarded as a blow to Democratic Party candidate John Kerry.

In the 2000 election Mr Nader attracted enough left-leaning voters in Florida – a key swing state – to cost the Democrats the presidency, analysts say.

The Democratic Party unsuccessfully argued that Mr Nader’s Reform Party was not a genuine national organisation.

The Florida Supreme Court said it was not clear what constituted a national party, and that therefore it could not bar Mr Nader from running in the state.

My question is, why does Nader get all the press, when Michael Badnarik should make the ballot in at least 48 states, and will likely out-poll him in November?

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