20. November 2005 · Comments Off on Never, That’s Neh…VER · Categories: Rant

With all the political thunder and blunder the past few days, I just wanted to make something extremely clear:

The United States of America should NEVER cut and run again. In case some of you missed the past 20 or 30 years, cutting and running did absolutely NOTHING good. IMO, we’re fighting this war on terror specifically BECAUSE we’ve cut and run in the past.

Maybe the moonbats are right; maybe we do deserve what we get. I mean look at our history since the end of hostilities in Korea. We bailed out of Viet Nam. We lose some Marines in Beirut and we leave Lebanon to the animals. We fail one rescue mission in the desert and then we negotiate with Iran for hostages. Desert Storm…we didn’t finish it back then. Somalia. We refuse to shut down the heroin coming out of Afghanistan. We go into Iraq and don’t secure the place after two, almost three years. We know Saudi Arabia has been breeding terrorists for decades and we still smile and shake their hands and hold hands with them as if they were our best buddies because we have to suck on their oil tit.

There are times when I’m glad my Dad and his brothers, all WWII Vets, are dead so they don’t have to watch this crap play out. Combat vets who ought to know better because of what they’ve gone through calling for withdrawal and putting in a skeletal force? How can a man with that background think that way? It’s beyond imagination.

And you on the right don’t get all smug either. When my Dad and Uncles were in uniform we knew how to occupy and secure a country…hell, a country on one side of a planet and then an entire continent on the other. Back then the folks at home sacrificed more than just us in uniform and some of their tax dollars. They knew that securing Europe from the Nazis and then from the Soviets was going to cost and they REALLY sacrificed.

We’ve become so much less somehow and the enemy knows it. And no, I don’t know what the answer is myself, but it’s NOT pulling out every time things seem hard. Every time we do that we look weaker and we’re the strongest damn nation on the planet and I think we ought to start acting like it.

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