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My apologies to reader Yeff, who sent this link to me a few days ago. I promised I would blog on it, and now I’m making good.

Man, this seems like a good thing to me – if just for the pockets.

In my day, standard issue was the 100% cotton fatigues that dated to at least Korea – likely WWII.

A lot of guys went to Sears or J.C. Penny, and got the high priced, perm-press, cotton-poly fatigues they had, with the zipper-flys. This all seemed like non-sense to me: Gawd-damned, you are just going to rummage around in a computer cabinet – who cares if your pant leg holds a crease?

I digged the dudes that had come back from ‘Nam, with their jungle issue.

No, I wanted camo jungle fatigues – really bad. They were so cool. I especially liked the cargo pockets. But my NCOIC said I couldn’t wear them. But he would have let me wear jungle boots – if I went and bought them myself. But, by the time I found some in my size, I had my chance for an early-out. The rest is history.

Anyway, the new AF combat uniform looks really cool – check it out.

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