26. January 2010 · Comments Off on New Experiences · Categories: General

Did two things tonight I’ve never done before…

Went to a town hall meeting hosted by my state rep and the state senator that represents the other side of my cross-street: that was cool. I’m getting more interested in the political process, instead of just being a semi-informed voter. (I’m not a tea-partier, but they have my support.)

On my way home, about 9pm, I drove by a building that I’ve never seen occupied, never seen any cars parked near it or in its parking area. There was a white SUV backed up to its lower level, with the tailgate lifted. So when I got home, I called the non-emergency number for the PD, and told the nice lady who answered the phone what I saw (that was only like 5-10 min after I saw it). I stressed that it could be perfectly legit, but I’ve NEVER seen vehicles around that building, and don’t even think it’s occupied. So they’re going to have someone drive by and check things out.

I feel like I’ve earned my good citizen credentials tonight. Or at least my neighborhood busy-body certification.

Oh – I guess it’s 3 things — I told my state rep that I’d put his sign in my front yard come election time. I have NEVER advertised/campaigned for any political figure, but I really like my rep. (it helps that he opened a gun-shop/range 3 miles from my house and is a fervent 2nd Amendment supporter)

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