07. August 2004 · Comments Off on New How Taking Shape in Velley Center · Categories: Domestic, General

The exterior walls are completed; the masons took a couple of weeks to built them all the way up. The house basically a square, with a deep verandah all the way around. The posts which will support the outer edge of the veranda are all in place, and Dad is drilling holes in the header beams which will top the masonry wall. The window and door frames are all in place. The rafters are due to be installed this month, and the roofers will come in September. Once the roof is underway, they can start with the interior walls and the drywalling— Dad is not going to do it all again himself again, it was boring enough the first time around. He is going to do a roof over part of the verandah himself, so he can set up a workshop there to do the fine woodwork for the interior. And Mom has picked out the kitchen cabinets, thanks to her friend who is going to design the kitchen for her.
We’re on schedule to celebrate Christmas this year, in the new house!

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