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Now you can have a 16-core coprocessing supercomputer under your desk, with the Tyan Typhoon PSC:

Tyan said that it is not aiming its clusters at gamers, as the graphics solution is an underpowered onboard 8 MB ATI Rage controller. Instead, the PSC is marketed towards science researchers. With upgraded power supplies and some more graphics horsepower, the system, however, could become a capable solution for 3D graphic artists as several modeling programs including 3d Studio Max and Maya excel at distributed rendering. Linux enthusiasts may also like the new machine as there are several clustering oriented distributions including a version of Knoppix, aptly named ClusterKnoppix.

Here’s the features, from Tyan’s website:

* Incredible small-sized supercomputing system (14″ x 12.6″ x 26.7″)
* Support for up to four (4) nodes with one or two processors (including Dual Core support)
* Low-noise operation… less than 47dB!
* Up to 64GB of DDR400/333 Registered memory (AMD Opteron-based system)
* Up to 32GB of DDR2-667/533 Unbuffered memory (Intel Pentium D-based system)
* Eight (8) Gigabit Ethernet ports integrated for network expansion options
* Up to four (4) Serial ATA HDD devices supported
* Four (4) built-in EPS12V 350W power supplies with PFC

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