26. August 2005 · Comments Off on News From the Front by the Folks At the Front · Categories: Media Matters Not

Because not all of your news should be independent or fair and balanced (COUGH-Foxnews gives handjobs-COUGH), I offer for your reading pleasure a link to the most current USCENTCOM Newsletter.

That’s right, the news that the officials over there want us to read, the way they want us to read it. You may call it propoganda, I call it a too little too late attempt to counter the left-wing movement to destroy the war effort, our morale, and the American way of life. Buncha pinkos pissing me off lately, but I’ll save that rant for another time.

You’re welcome…no…really…don’t applaud…it was nothing…seriously…I’m just in a good mood…weekend coming up and all.

Warning: CENTCOM’s pages seem to take forever to load but there are a LOT of good pictures that we haven’t been seeing on the news…I know…go figure.

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