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A sign telling all Bad People where victims may be found, helpfully provided by the City of Madison [1]


I have no problem if you want to hang this up.  Your property, your business.  You gotta do what you gotta do.  Live and let live, maaaan.

If I had a shop in Madison I would put one up [2]: it’s expectedNot having one would be like slapping up a ‘I love Ronald Reagan’ sign on your window.  You’d be a fool to do that and expect people to patronize you in that town.

But the expectation of some on the left is that everyone who hates-hates-hates concealed carry should put these up at their house.  No, really, I seen it with my own eyes.

Why would one go out of their way to advertise one’s helplessness?  If someone gets killed with that sign on their door, can we call it suicide?

[1] Insert the obvious ‘X square miles of crazy surrounded by Y’ joke, here.
[2] Not that I’d heed my own sign.  When in Rome do as the Romans do but keep your sidearm handy.

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