16. October 2005 · Comments Off on No Joy In Mudslide-Ville · Categories: That's Entertainment!

I won’t be doing much socializing tomorrow. Fortunately, unlike most of my friends, my Sun doesn’t rise and set based upon how my hometown baseball team does. But I can be sure, tomorrow will be a gloomy day pretty much everywhere I go (and not just because of the predicted thundershowers.

Anyway, to the White Sox fans out there: I guess it’s your turn. I mean, the last time your boys went to the Fall Classic, we didn’t even have an AL team here in California. 🙂

Seriously though: except for the bad call at the end of Game 2, this has been a really good series – two great “small ball” teams going at it with solid pitching and running, and no steroid-pumped superheros breaking windshields, or climbing the outfield wall to catch flys.

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