23. October 2005 · Comments Off on No, Schumer – Even You Aren’t That Stupid. · Categories: Politics

On NBC’s Meet the Press today, when talking about the Wilson/Plame affair, Sen. Charles Schumer (D – NY) said about special prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald: “He is a prosecutor’s prosecutor – and I will abide by his decision.”

WTF – you idiot: You are a SENATOR. Unless this comes down to a matter of impeachment (highly unlikely), it doesn’t matter whether you “abide” by any actions of Fitzgerald or not. And even than, your statement of prejudice, before hearing the case, would be quite damning.

More proof that you are little more than a pea-brained Jackass Party hack.

Update: Eek!!! I just realized I started this post with a proclamation that Schumer couldn’t possibly be that stupid, and ended it with a statement that he must be that stupid! Make of it what you will.

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