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For the most part, today has been just another day. I wasn’t going to do much more today than a “Never Forget” photo from 9/11, but Timmer’s post has been nagging at me. I was just going to comment, but it’s a lengthy enough comment that I am just going to post it. Timmer didn’t make me angry, and I understand and respect his desire to get over it. But I don’t want to get over it. I don’t want to heal. Not yet.

As long as our enemy lives and remains undefeated, I want to continue to feel the pain. I want to continue to mourn our innocent dead. As long as I do, I will remain angry. I want to remain angry until the bastards who attacked us, and continue trying to attack us, are soundly and undeniably defeated.

I think the reason our parents’ generation didn’t continue reliving Dec 7 is because they defeated the enemy who caused it. They had that closure that we do not and should not yet have. We need that wound to remain open. We need to relive it. We need to remember who did it to us and defeat them, soundly and unquestionably. Then, and only then, should we allow ourselves to heal. I will go one unpolitically-correct step forward and call the enemy Islam, and Islam will remain the enemy until one of two things happen. 1) Islam ceases to exist. 2) Islam sheds its culture of violence and intolerance. Religion of peace my ass!

So, Timmer, I really do hope you can successfully move on, but I can’t. Not yet.

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