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The MyoPro Whey Chocolate Flavored is not quite as tasty as the PROLAB Pure Whey in Strawberry. Both available at your local BX for much cheaper than the prices seen here. As a matter of fact…the MyoPro is kind of gacky in that 1970s/80s protein talcum powder sort of way. I won’t be buying another tub of that.

On the other hand, Detour protein bars are yummy and tasty and will remind you of a Snickers bar only with more calories, more protein, and less sugar rush and dropoff.

In case you were wondering if I supplemented on Body Sculpting days…because I do.

Yesterday got on the crosstrainer for the first time since the surgery and did 20 minutes solid with a 5 mintue cool down. Heart was bordering on 90 percent of max so had to kick down the resistance but the legs did great and I felt like I could have gone for another 20 minutes but Beautiful Wife wants me taking it slow and she knows how to watch a clock and how much time I take at the gym to hit the crosstrainer and do my Tai Chi when I’m done so…unless I wanted to lie to her…which is out of the question…I have to behave for now. That last sentence was a bit ridiculous wasn’t it? Maybe I’ll clean it up later…time to get Boyo out of bed.

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